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Heat Stroke takes silver victory in Reno

It was a memorable week in Nevada for the Air Race 1 plane Heat Stroke, as pilot Steve Temple guided Race No. 8 to victory in the Silver final at the 2019 National Championship Air Races.

The yellow and orange Cassutt held off the competition with speeds of almost 200 mph hour to take the trophy following a wonderful few days of air racing at the Reno-Stead airport, from 11 to 15 September.

After warming up in the earlier Bronze race, which was won by Chris Weaver in Mach Chicken, Temple set off in the Silver final from the front, and that’s where he remained throughout the eight laps of the 3.1 mile course.

Nevada-native Steve Tumlin, in his lively Cassutt Feisty which won the silver class at the Air Race 1 China Cup last year, was in hot pursuit of Temple and finished in second place. Tom Siegler flying in Doghouse came home in third place.

Air Race 1 CEO and owner of Heat Stroke Jeff Zaltman was delighted with Temple’s win.

In Sunday’s Gold final, Lowell Slatter took the title in Fraed Naught, beating last year’s formula one winner Justin Meaders in Limitless into second spot. China Cup champion Steve Senegal came in third place in his red Arnold-AR6, Endeavor.


1 #31 Lowell Slatter, Fraed Naught ​
2 #34 Justin Meaders, Limitless
3 #11 Steve Senegal, Endeavor ​
4 #79 Justin Phillipson, No Strings Attached
5 #4 Jerry Marshall, Tumbleweed
6 #12 Yingnan Zhou, Outrageous ​
7 #54 Jim Jordan, Miss Min ​
8 #81 Des Hart, Sleeper

1 #8 Steve Temple, Heat Stroke
2 #52 Steve Tumlin, Feisty​
3 #76 Tom Siegler, Doghouse​
4 #26 Paul Newman, Fast and Easy ​
5 #9 Scott Holmes, Outlaw ​
6 #47 Chris Weaver, Mach Chicken
7 #72 Matt Moore, ​The ACME Special ​
8 #48 Blaire Hamilton, Atomic Pumpkin

1 #47 Chris Weaver, Mach Chicken
2 #76 Tom Siegler, Doghouse​
3 #26 Kent Jackson, Fast and Easy ​
4 #9 Scott Holmes, Outlaw ​
5 #8 Steve Temple, Heat Stroke ​
6 #72 Matt Moore, The ACME Special ​
7 #48 Matt Hughes, Atomic Pumpkin ​
8 #20 Robert Austen, Hindsight is 20/20