Tim Cone #99

"What airplane, Honey?"
Race number:
Cassutt IIIM
Aircraft name:
"What airplane, Honey?"
Crew chief:
Mike Kauffman
Home Town:
Fresno, CA
Aircraft details:

Grove Winged Cassutt

About Tim Cone

Know Tim’s face from somewhere but can’t quite put your finger on why? If you’re into science entertainment shows, you might recognise him from a 2011 episode of MythBusters – presenters Adam and Jamie take on a bathroom bomb; testing out if a flying V works for planes as well it does for birds, and leading that formation is none other than Tim himself.

When he’s not taking part in television shows, this Californian native is a seasoned sports class racer and has over 14,000 hours in the cockpit as a corporate pilot and formation flight lead.

Tim raced to victory in the colourfully named, what Airplane, Honey? In November 2017

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