Swaid Rahn #8

SSR Air Racing
Race number:
Cassutt IIIM
Aircraft name:
Heat Stroke
Home Town:
Springfield, GA
Aircraft details:

Cassutt IIIM. I bought this airplane at an estate sale and restored it

About Swaid Rahn

Swaid L. Rahn started his aviation career in the US Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and earned his A&P.  He then worked for Gulfstream Aerospace in the service center for 6 years.  Wanting more in life, Swaid obtained his IA rating and founded Indigo Aeronautics in 1994, a full service aircraft maintenance and fabrication facility. It is located at Swaid’s Field in Springfield, Georgia.  He also wanted to fly, and got his private pilot license in 1989.  He has accumulated numerous ratings, including ATP and Seaplane. Swaid has professionally flown many different aircraft in his flying career, including Freight and Ag, Mosquito control, and some corporate.  But his true love is flying experimental aircraft. He had always dreamed of flying at the Reno Air Races and obtained a Cassutt in 2016.  He totally restored “Heat Stroke” and flew as a Rookie in 2016 in the IF1 class. Heat Stroke’s team was also was awarded “Crew of the Year” 2016.

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