Justin Phillipson #79

No Strings Attached
Race number:
Aircraft name:
No Strings Attached
Crew chief:
Drew Patrick
Home Town:
Chico, CA
Aircraft details:

Shoestring. Race 79 is a new twist on a 1940's race design. Blending classic with cutting edge, we've taken the Shoestring to the next level with a carbon fiber shell wrapped around the steel tube fuselage. With a focus on clean, simple and a emphasis on weight savings, Race 79 is one of the lightest and fastest accelerating racers on the circuit. Modern engine monitoring and flight instruments coupled with forward thinking engine ideas has made No Strings Attached to me one of the primary competitors in the gold IF1 class.

About Justin Phillipson

Justin won the IF1 Award of ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2012 in his, back then, racer #12 Outrageous.

He’s since become a well-known name on the circuit and Justin was a firm podium favourite with Shoestring, as he is one of the lightest and fastest-accelerating racers in the business.

A motorsports aficionado and civilian pilot with 11,500 hours under his belt to date, Justin is comfortable flying anything and everything, from jets and seaplanes, to gliders and helicopters

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