Chip Mapoles #40

Mapoles Air Racing
Race number:
Cassutt Slipknot
Aircraft name:
Miss USA
Crew chief:
Dan Calderon
Home Town:
Pace, FL
Aircraft details:

Miss USA is a highly modified Cassutt Slipknot. Miss USA has been racing Formula One for several decades being upgraded along the way.

About Chip Mapoles

A self-confessed airplane nut with more than 5,000 flying hours under his belt, Chip is a multi-engine commercial pilot and accomplished mechanic.

The Florida native learned to fly in a 7AC Aeronca Champion and currently owns a number of planes, including a 180hp Longe-Z, Super Decathlon, Cessna 172, Glasair3 and of course Miss USA and the 7AC Aeronca he learned to fly in.

His bird Miss USA is no stranger to formula one air racing, having been raced for several decades and upgraded along the way.