Host Cities

We are looking for new Host Cities to adopt one of the events of this exciting race world series next year. Your city can be included as an destination partner of this high-profile tour. The Air Race 1 World Cup is the perfect showcase for your city or to promotional platform for your airport. TV cameras capture your destination on global television coverage and the event brings media and tourists from around the world to enjoy your region’s hospitality and attractions. We are seeking venues of all types so please contact us for more information. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Millions of dollars in economic impact
  • ’Equivalent Media Value’ in the many millions of dollars
  • No new infrastructure required – very easy to host
  • Additional year-round activities for sustainable tourism
  • National TV Rights
  • Ticket Sales
  • Many revenue generating opportunities
  • Stand out from other cities
  • Multiple-year deals available
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