Date: Tue 10 Mar 2015

Air Race 1 World Cup Announces 2015 Pilots

19 of the world’s best race pilots, representing six nations, have been signed for the series of events in 2015.

The sport of formula one airplane racing, which has its origins in the 1940s, challenges pilots in a very demanding test of skill. Unlike other formats of air racing, these pilots race directly against each other at the same time. Eight pilots in each race fly at speeds of up to 450kph just ten meters above the ground to be the first one to cross the finish line. It is a rare and highly-trained skill set to fly safely and competitively while other airplanes are trying to pass on the same race course. In addition to the extensive training involved, it takes a deep understanding of the physics of flying and the rules of the sport to qualify.

The Air Race 1 World Cup will showcase the exciting talents of these leading aviators to widespread sports audiences as the series touches down in Monastir, Tunisia; Lleida, Spain; and Reno, USA this year. Others can keep up with the dramatic contest on television in many parts of the world.

The sport requires each plane be built to a specific formula which covers most aspects of the race plane’s characteristics. This ensures a fair competition between the pilots. As in all motorsport, an element of success also comes from the airplane design, the engineering teams and the ground crew support in the pits. Formula one class airplanes incorporate the most modern materials, cutting-edge technology and engineering techniques to squeeze out the extra speed needed to gain the edge over other competitors. Such care is taken with the airplanes that each precious bird is given a name and handled with the care she deserves. Many of the pilots and teams design and build their own race plane to capitalize on unique innovations, often even designing them around the body of each specific pilot.

The official list of Air Race 1 World Cup race pilots:

Race #: 1 Pilot: Thom Richard Nationality: Sweden Aircraft name: "Hot Stuff" Aircraft type: 3M1C1R

Race #: 2 Pilot: Trevor Jarvis Nationality: England Aircraft name: "Silver Bullett" Aircraft type: Shoestring

Race #: 6 Pilot: Christian Guilie Nationality: France Aircraft name: "ArlettyII" Aircraft type: ArlettyII

Race #: 11 Pilot: Des Hart Nationality: Scotland Aircraft name: "Hart Attack" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #: 15 Pilot: Dave "Homey" Holmgren Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Last Lap Player" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #: 19 Pilot: Stanislas Damiron Nationality: France Aircraft name: "Buzz Buzzard" Aircraft type: MP207 Busard

Race #: 20 Pilot: Tom Watkins Nationality: Canada Aircraft name: "Pooder" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #:25 Pilot: Bernard Marichy Nationality: France Aircraft name: n/a Aircraft type: MP205 Busard

Race #: 31 Pilot: Guy Chereau Nationality: France Aircraft name: "L´Herrengrie" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #: 33 Pilot: Mike Mundell Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Second Wind" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #: 40 Pilot: Stephen "SPH" Partridge-Hicks Nationality: England Aircraft name: "Miss USA" Aircraft type: Cassutt

Race #: 45 Pilot: Jay Jones Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Quadnickel Racer" Aircraft type: Cassutt

Race #: 53 Pilot: Terry Gardner Nationality: England Aircraft name: "Kermit" Aircraft type: Cassutt

Race #: 54 Pilot: Jim Jordan Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Miss Min" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Race #: 55 Pilot: Patrick Gajan Nationality: France Aircraft name: "Le Coyote" Aircraft type: CP80

Race #: 69 Pilot: Philip Goforth Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Knotty Girl" Aircraft type: Stratocaster

Race #: 87 Pilot: Steve Temple Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Madness" Aircraft type: Boyd GR-7 Panther

Race #: 99 Pilot: Kent Cassels Nationality: USA Aircraft name: "Margaret June" Aircraft type: Cassutt IIIM

Picture Gallery

2015 pilots
christian guilie race 6
dave holmgren race 15
des hart race 11
guy chereau race 31
jay jones race 45
james jordan race 54
kent cassels race 99
mike mundell race 33
patrick gajan race 55
stephen "sph" partridge-hicks race 40
stanislas damiron race 19
steve temple race 87
terry gardner race 53
thom richard
tom watkins race 20
trevor jarvis race 2