Pilot 2016 Season

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Jay (Jaybird) Jones 2016

Jay (Jaybird) Jones

Biography & Statistics

Nationality: USA

Hometown: Buena Vista, Colorado, USA

Aircraft model: Cassutt II-M

Aircraft name: 'Quadnickel Racer'

Crew Chief: Joe Jones

Jay is an established veteran of the air racing community in the USA with over 17 years of formula one air racing under his belt. He has placed in top six pilots for the past eight years at the US National Air Racing Championship and took the second place trophy for the gold final during the Air Race 1 competition in Spain in 2014. Jay is a commercial builder and an aircraft designer, among an interesting range of other technical backgrounds. He is also an accomplished athlete passing that down to his Olympian daughter.

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Jay (Jaybird) Jones's Details

Registration: N53014
Aircraft: Cassutt 11-M N53014
Aircraft Name: Quadnickel Racer
Crew Chief:
Home Town: Buena Vista, Colorado
Nationality: United States