Pilot 2016 Season

Squad No:  - Dave (Homey) Holmgren's Picture
Dave (Homey) Holmgren 2016

Dave (Homey) Holmgren

Biography & Statistics

Nationality: USA

Hometown: Draper, Utah

Aircraft model: Cassutt III-M

Aircraft name: 'Last Lap Player'

Crew Chief: Bob Jones

David is a retired officer in the US military having flown an extensive array of aircraft and missions for the US Air Force, the US Marine Corps and the US Customs Service. Currently, David flies large commercial passenger jets for a major airline and balances that with a passion for flying hang gliders and paragliders, having flown just about everything in between. In contrast to his lengthy professional aviation career, David was a rookie to formula one air racing in 2014 and in his first season of Air Race 1.

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Dave (Homey) Holmgren's Details

Registration: N6291N
Aircraft: Cassutt III-M N6291N
Aircraft name: Last Lap Player
Crw Chief: Bob Jones
Home Town: Draper, UT, USA
Nationality: United States