Pilot 2016 Season

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Christian Guilie 2016

Christian Guilie

Biography & Statistics

Nationality: France

Hometown: Villette, France

Aircraft model: Arletty II

Aircraft name: 'Arletty II'

Crew Chief: Isabelle Grieder

Christian won first place in the gold class in the Air Race 1 event in 2014. In his other career life he is an associate professor of mechanical engineering and an avid aircraft homebuilder. Christian built four aircraft of different types for racing and aerobatics, but his most known prototype is the Arletty II with which he won the silver medal for experimental aircraft at the World Air Game 2009 in Turin, Italy.

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Christian Guilie's Details

Registration: F-PIGC
Aircraft Name: Arletty II
Crew Chief: Isabelle Grieder
Home Town: Villete, France
Nationality: France