Pilot 2016 Season

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Kent Cassels 2016

Kent Cassels

Biography & Statistics

Nationality: USA

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL, USA

Aircraft model: Cassutt III-M

Aircraft name: 'Margaret June'

Crew Chief: Jason 'Skip' Crawford

Kent has proven himself both in the air and on the ground in air racing, having been part of the 'top formula one crew' in Reno in 2013 as well as an integral member of an Unlimited Class air racing team. Kent's experience in high intensity sport has also been demonstrated at sea as an ocean race sailor and schooner captain. Former work in wildlife conservation in Africa and personal security round out his adventurous background.

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Kent Cassels's Details

Registration: N6884
Aircraft: Cassutt III-M N6884
Aircraft Name: Margaret June
Crew Chief: Jason
Home Town: Kissimmee, FL, USA
Nationality: United States